Stylish and different smartwatch concept from Adobe


There is a huge increase in demand for smart watches. In order to meet this demand, many technology brands are designing new smart watches. Not only technology brands, but also brands serving different fields such as Adobe started to turn to this area. The smart watch concept called Obsidian Watch, developed by Adobe with designer Jean-François Bozec, looks really good.

Obsidian Watch stands out with its design

Unlike classic smart watches, Obsidian Watch, which looks very stylish and premium, is inspired by nature. The details of the ‘obsidian’ stone, which is also included in the name of the leather and watch concept preferred in the strap design, enable the watch to be positioned in a different place, especially at the design point.

As seen in the concept design video released on Substance by Adobe’s YouTube channel, the watch has physical keys. The bigger one of these keys is similar to the “Digital Crown” system in Apple Watch.

There is also a sensor system on the lower part of the watch and the watch has a thickness that does not disturb. The screen is an elongated rectangular design rather than a square or round screen, as is the case with popular smartwatches today.

It is not known whether this smart watch, which is currently a concept design, will meet with the user in the future, but it is possible to say that it will be very popular.


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