Stuntfest: World Tour Test can be played this weekend


After the initial announcement in April, various games from the publisher were presented at the Digital Presentation THQ Nordic event. Trailers of a number of announced games, such as AEW Fight Forever, Alone in the Dark and Destroy All Humans, were shown at this presentation event! 2: Reprobed, among other things. One of them is an extreme racing game known as Stuntfest: World Tour, which presents a variety of ways to race and travel through the environment.

Stuntfest was first announced at the end of June, where the player could eject from his car, where he could open a pair of wings and fly around the track using a jetpack. The player can use his car to perform gravity defying stunts by flying through the air like a rag doll to advance. Players can even crash their cars to eject to gain a lot of momentum, and bounce on mats to get even more ahead of the competition. These and other tricks were demonstrated in the recent Stuntfest trailer, which indicates that there will be a game test on the weekend.

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This latest trailer for Stuntfest shows that the player character can drive multiple vehicles on wacky race tracks in the air, where 18 players compete against each other in a knockout competition. The different types of games that players can participate in include death race and elimination derby in battle royale. Players can take part in these contests this weekend, as at this time, from August 12 to 13, the first game testing will take place.

Stuntfest provides a number of customization options for players’ cars, and can also be improved in various ways. According to the game’s Steam page, the player can choose a variety of avatars, including a famous streamer in the universe and a punkster grandmother, which gives a choice of several skin options.

This momentum-based gameplay with fast cars and ejecting from them when falling allows players to turn into live projectiles, while they can find shortcuts or change their chances and get upset at the last minute. A variety of gadgets can also help increase the player’s speed, and can also shape their car around their character and instantly get back on the road. This game test should allow players to get used to the extreme racing gameplay and learn some tricks related to the game.

Stuntfest is currently in development for PC.


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