Stunning Statement from Expert Investor: Pointed to Bitcoin!


Amid a turbulent market where many industry experts and investors are uncertain where to invest, a prominent investor is allegedly encouraging people to hoard Bitcoin (BTC) in addition to the precious metals gold and silver.

“Preparation for World War II”

However, Robert Kiyosaki, author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” books, shared a tweet on May 23 to highlight his thoughts on the current global market situation in light of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The expert investor, known for his frankness, hinted at a possible World War in the future and gave the following statements in his tweet index, where he recommended the savings and measures to be taken if this possibility occurs:

“The IMF warns the world that it is facing its biggest financial challenges since the Second World War. Global catastrophe has been coming for years. But I don’t see any studies of desperate leaders on this situation. Is World War Coming? So save up Gold, silver, Bitcoin and food.”

BTC Forecast from Kiyosaki

On the other hand, last week, Kiyosaki made the following statements about Bitcoin in a tweet he shared:

“My view of the future of Bitcoin is that it will continue to rise. However, for now, I have predictions that Bitcoin may reach 20,000, 14,000, 11,000 and even 9,000 dollars at this point, it seems possible for Bitcoin to regress to these levels. ”

After this sharing of the well-known author, he continued his positive thoughts about Bitcoin and made another share in which he explained his reasons:

“Both the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are corrupt institutions. I think they need to self-destruct before they can re-establish their integrity, integrity and moral compass. As a result of my discussions with Gerald Celente, the founder and director of Trends Research Institute, who agrees with me on this issue, I definitely recommend that you store Bitcoin in addition to gold and silver, which are precious metals. ”