Stunning scenario to 2045 Bitcoin price from Kraken


Stunning scenario to 2045 Bitcoin price from Kraken. Kraken’s recent research, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, reveals the possible price of Bitcoin with the wealth that will pass to the next generations as the Baby Boom generation decreases in number.

The cryptocurrency exchange Kraken’s research team has announced that even Bitcoin will exceed $ 350,000, but they do not expect this explosion to happen in a short time.

According to the research done by Kraken Intelligence, a multi-trillion dollar money flow and wealth will pass to the children from the current generation, which will be the catalyst for Bitcoin’s big bull run.

Looking at how many people born before 2000 will invest in BTC, the researchers showed 2044 as the date BTC reached $ 350,000.

In the related report, “When 5 percent of the wealth is allocated to Bitcoin and 2 percent inheritance tax is considered, those who were born before X generation and before 2000 (Y generation) will invest approximately 971 billion dollars in Bitcoin from the remaining heritage. These numbers can be even higher. As the Baby Boomer generation decreases in number, their wealth will pass to the X generation and then to the generation born before the millennium. 70 percent of the $ 70 trillion major wealth transfer will take place over the next 10 years. Considering a total investment of 971 billion dollars, Bitcoin is expected to be 350 thousand dollars in 2044. ” expressions are used.

Kraken points to a 2019 survey that Blockchain Capital stated that 42 percent of respondents aged 18-34 will buy Bitcoin in the next 5 years. In the survey, only 8 percent of 65 years old and older are thinking about buying Bitcoin.

The research team said that the numbers or comments they provide are not an investment recommendation.


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