Stunning report for Ripple (XRP): 98% of transactions are worthless


A new study, conducted with a quarterly observation, concluded that the majority of transactions on the three major Blockchain platforms are worthless. The most striking situation was in XRP.

A new research article revealed that the vast majority of transactions on large Blockchain platforms are worthless. According to the article, these platforms, consisting of EOS, Tezos and XRP, are mostly used for the airdrop of spam or worthless tokens.

In the summary section of the article, “Our analysis reveals that only a small part of the transactions are carried out for the purpose of transferring value. 95 percent of transactions in EOS are caused by an airdrop of a worthless token. While only 2 percent of the transactions in the XRP book contain value transfer, 82 percent in Tezos was used to achieve consensus. ” Called.

The article was written by Imperial College London doctoral student Daniel Perez, University College London researcher Jiahua Xu and chief scientist Benjamin Livshits at Brave.

In the chapter on XRP, “During our observation period, the XRP ledger seemed to be filled with worthless transactions. We learned that both the trading volume and the value of the token on the XRP notebook are highly manipulable. ” expressions are used.

As for Tezos, it is concluded that the source of most of the transaction volume is the voting process of the block chain.

Article authors note that these three major Blockchain platforms have high processing capacity, but their current use does not match their potential.


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