Stunning privacy features from Galaxy S21


Samsung Galaxy S21, which was introduced recently, draws attention with its privacy and security features as well as its innovative design. The new flagship of the South Korean brand allows you to remove GPS location data from photos you share over the internet.

Galaxy S21 lets you remove GPS data from photos

As we shared with you before, one of the most ambitious flagships of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S21, was finally unveiled last week after a long and curious wait. We can say that the phone, which consists of three different models, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra, received a passing grade with its design and features.

The Galaxy S21 family, which has made great progress compared to its predecessor, also includes extremely important improvements in privacy and security features. According to SamMobile’s news, Galaxy S21 users have the ability to remove GPS location data from their photos before sharing them with others.

All users have to do when sharing their photos is to press the ‘Remove location data’ option and then choose their preferred sharing service. Thanks to this feature, the latitude and longitude information showing the location of the photo comes out of EXIF ​​data.

While users can remove location data from photos using third-party apps on the Play Store, having this feature built in will undoubtedly make it accessible to a lot more users.

Galaxy S21 users also have the ‘Private Sharing’ feature that gives them more control over who can view their photos, videos, documents and other files and for how long they can access those files.

Another new security feature, Samsung Knox Vault, uses a secure sub-processor, secure memory and integrated software to protect biometric, blockchain, PIN and password data. This feature enables user data to be recorded even during hardware attacks. The South Korean technology giant stated at the launch of the Galaxy S21 that it is working with Qualcomm and Samsung LSI for this feature.


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