Stunning pixel art BOTW captured a link in Sunset Hyrule


A fan of A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has posted an amazing pixel version of the Link on the web, in which the hero Hyrule stands on one of the many rocks in the game at sunset. The kind of pixel fan art refers us to the classic era of games, which makes it a good source of nostalgia for many video game fans.

Despite the fact that many new games still use pixel graphics today, they are mostly indie games that also seek to evoke the same sense of nostalgia. Most of the long-standing game franchises, including The Legend of Zelda, have long since switched to more modern 3D styles. The link has not been used in a proper pixel format for the main Zelda game since The Minish Cap of 2004, although a slick version of this style was used in the side game Candence of Hyrule 2019. Of course, the developing artistic style of the franchise has had its detractors over the years. This includes even the creator of the series Shigeru Miyamoto, who did not like Toon Link and the rest of the Wind Waker world, shaded by color, for their unreality.

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Now one fan has taken the latest game from the Legend of Zelda series and given it a classic pixel art. Twitter artist black_ilil received more than 120 thousand likes in just one day for an animated link straight from Breath of the Wild. Dressed in his blue Champion Tunic and armed with a sword and shield (more precisely, the Wanderer’s Shield), Link stands on a cliff overlooking part of Hyrule. In the distance, a sparkling golden sunset illuminates the land and is reflected in the winding river. This BOTW fan art is beautiful, so it’s easy to see why it got so much attention.

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— assist (@black_ilil) June 28, 2022

The scene is animated as a short seamless loop that shows Link breathing deeply, as if he had just killed one or two monsters. His naked weapon also lends considerable weight to the post-fight interpretation, which is animated with movements that fully match Link’s pose. The animation is impressive, and the striking visual effects of the Hyrule landscape, flooded with the light of the setting sun, evoke the beauty that many fans would probably like to see in the long-awaited sequel to Breath of the Wild.

Despite the technical simplicity of pixel art, it is still an art form that can be used to great effect. The art of black_ilil is a perfect example of this, capturing both Link and the vast world of Hyrule in a stunning moment. Sunset is undoubtedly the focus of art, and its impact on the world around Link highlights the scale of Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule. The lighting in both images is done masterfully and works wonders, enlivening Khairul. Although unlikely, the short animation even confirms the idea that a major new Legend of Zelda game with pixel graphics can look as good as 3D.