Goldman Sachs Meeting: Stunning Expressions for Bitcoin!


The meeting with the US-based international investment bank Goldman Sachs, which was expected with great enthusiasm for a week, has ended. In the statement made after the meeting with investors, striking expressions were used for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

“Cryptocurrencies Including Bitcoin Are Not Included In An Asset Class”

In the meeting held by the investment bank with its investors on May 27, “Economic Outlook of the USA” and “Effects of Current Inflation Policies, Gold and Bitcoin” will be discussed, while the biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin that Wall Street has long shrugged will be officially discussed. The fact that it made a big impact in the crypto money market.

As a matter of fact, besides the view that “cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are not included in a class of assets”, the following opinions about Bitcoin came out:

  • Unlike bonds, it doesn’t generate cash flow
  • No stability
  • Doesn’t protect against inflation
  • Volatility is high
  • Not a meaningful investment tool

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