Stunning Doodle Design for Google’s Women’s Day


March 8, International Working Women’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm every year. Of course, he joins this enthusiasm on Google and prepares a special Doodle every year. It was in the form of Doodle video that Google prepared for women this year. At the same time, Google shared the searched words about women in the past 12 months.

Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscrof, who created this year’s Doodle design, designed a multi-layered mandala, played by Marion William and Daphne Abderhalden. The designed Doodle shows women around the world who lost their lives during the labor movements in the late 1800s and early 1930s.

“We wanted to show the history of the International Women’s Day and its modest roots, how the laboring movement has grown exponentially over the years,” Wilkinson and Horscrof said. used expressions.

Google’s Doodle for Women’s Day

The reviews show that the interest in women’s empowerment at Google has increased by more than 330 percent since 2004. Google also shared some data on the top search terms last year. It is understood from these data that there has been a huge increase in interest in strong women over the years.

Here are the people who searched for “the first woman …” in the last 12 months
Nobel prize winner
Female basketball player
Results of the search for “women … in history” by users
Famous women in history
Important women in history
Effective women in history
Strong women in history
Strong women in history
Finally, some strong women were also popular on Google searches.

The most wanted women of the year and their professions are as follows
Best Athlete: Serena Williams
Best Musician: Taylor Swift
Best Writer: Toni Morrison
Best Comedian: Awkwafina


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