Study indicates that covid-19 kills more men than women


Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, epidemiologists have begun to realize that Covid-19 causes greater impacts on men’s health than on women’s, from cases of infection, through the severity of symptoms, to the number of deaths.

However, since doctors, hospitals and health-related agencies had not attempted to collect sex-related and infection data separated by Covid-19, scientists were unable to determine exactly why men are more vulnerable to the Coronavirus .

To try to resolve this issue, CNN conducted a study in partnership with the research institute Global Health 50/50, analyzing pandemic data collected in several countries.

Majority of infected and dead are male
The study focused on the 10 countries with the highest number of confirmed deaths and cases, however, only six of them had relevant data separated by sex, including China, France, Germany, Iran, Italy and South Korea. In all of them, the majority of the fatal victims, and also of those who contracted the disease, are male, although it was not possible to provide statistics on the proportion.

In any case, the data points, without a doubt, that men are more vulnerable to Covid-19 than women, which matches previous information about the Sars and Mers epidemics.

Possible causes
According to CNN, the preliminary study concluded that, among the possible causes for men to be more affected by the Coronavirus, is low immunity. Men tend to have a less healthy lifestyle than women, which includes habits like drinking and smoking.

Women, in addition to maintaining health in better conditions, have the advantage of pregnancy, which allows them to have greater protection against viral infections.

In addition, it is known that some pre-existing health conditions are fundamental to the worsening of Covid-19 symptoms, such as hormonal changes, hypertension, chronic lung diseases and heart disease: all of them are more common among men, in all six countries studied, as well as in the rest of the world.


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