Studio is hiring to produce Horizon VR game


According to a list posted on Firesprite’s official website, the studio is hiring professionals to start producing a virtual reality title inspired by a multimillion-dollar IP, which has been a recent success in the last 10 years.

At the moment, the studio responsible for VR survival horror The Persistence is after a lead producer who is expected to “assist the game director, plan timelines and collaborate with recruiting professionals”. The search for a development leader is part of the strategy of “implementing production processes throughout the studio”.

“We are looking for a lead producer to assist with all aspects of planning and delivery on a VR action adventure project adapted from one of the most original and successful multi-million dollar IP console titles in the past 10 years,” says the job description. “This is an exceptionally exciting project, in partnership with the IP holder to create a new chapter in the exciting and highly original universe already established, using all the immersive capabilities in VR to build a new narrative for fans and newcomers.”


Thus, the studio’s plans reinforce rumors that were published in late 2019 by ex-dev Oculus Callum Hurley, who had suggested a new virtual reality project within Horizon: Zero Dawn, when mentioning Sony’s interest in producing a spin -off setting in the universe created by Guerrilla Games. At the time, the plans were in the hands of little London Studio, but everything indicates that the rights were transferred to Firesprite.


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