Studio Display: Monitor Is Not Fully Compatible With Windows


Studio Display: Last week, Apple impressed the public with the announcement of its new professional monitor “Studio Display“, which will be sold in Brazil with prices starting at R$ 18 thousand. Despite having unparalleled image quality and impressive features, as presented by the company, there are a relatively worrying number of unspoken caveats about the model.

According to Apple comments given to MacRumors, the new monitor will not support features involving its proprietary A13 processor when connected to a Windows computer. Among them, the highlight is True Tone and Spatial Audio, capable of considerably affecting the image and audio quality offered by the model — making it, in practice, useless for professional creators in this niche.

In this context, it is also worth noting that the webcam integrated into Studio Display will work without special functions in Windows, such as Center Stage, one of its main differentials. Finally, Apple also reported that the resolution of the monitor will vary “depending on the system used”, something that can annoy the most demanding users.

While disappointing, Studio Display’s lack of full support for Windows computers isn’t exactly new, given Apple’s release history. Products such as the AirPods Pro, AirPods Max or Apple Watch, for example, do not usually offer all of their features outside the company’s proprietary ecosystem, being really attractive to users who have already joined the rest of the platform.