Studies Say People Who Swear Can Be Better Friends


Scientists who came together from all over the world conducted a study about swearing people. The results of the study show that swearing people tend to deceive others.

Cursing stands at the top of the list of sociable behaviors as a whole. A new study shows that swearing people are more reliable people in their social relationships than behaving badly.

A team of scientists from Maastricht University in the Netherlands, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Cambridge and Stanford University, came together and conducted a study on swearing people.

The team of scientists from all over the world came together to show that swearing people personally had lower levels of deception. The same study also revealed that swearing people have a high level of integrity.

People who swear are more honest than those who don’t
The results of the study of swearing people show that these people will not harm anyone, because they throw their anger in a series of obscene words. These people, who swear by swearing, become more honest and reliable people. Considering swearing is basically an honest representation of a person’s feelings; expecting swearing people to be more honest may not be so wrong.

Other previous studies have also revealed that swearing has a pain-relieving effect. The revealing of the people who swear by the last study carried out is more honest and reliable may cause the thoughts about swearing to change.


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