Students: tourist office offers free stays to young people!


Everyone tries to help the students a little. So, a tourist office decides to offer free stays in guest rooms. Students are going through a tough time right now. With the health crisis, most of them are in serious financial trouble. Often, young people have their courses remotely and do nothing with their lives. So a tourist office had a great idea.

“I really had a blast for them. »Explains Maryline Hamon to Le Parisien. It has three guest rooms in Maine-et-Loire. She thinks of her daughter, alone in Lyon and of all the young people who have been in their apartment for months. Apartments which are often very small.

So she makes a decision. “We, our rooms are empty, at the moment we have hardly any activity. I thought it would be nice if the students stuck in Angers came to spend a weekend in the countryside. But I couldn’t see myself doing this on my own in my corner ”.

To continue her initiative, she contacts the town’s tourist office. “The next day, we had a videoconference meeting. Immediately, a dozen hosts volunteered. Each had 3 or 4 rooms available for free. We thought, let’s go we can do something cool. ”

And as soon as the initiative kicks in, the phone does not stop ringing. “We didn’t make a poster, not a flyer, it took right away. Currently, we have 250 pending online requests, “explains the director of the tourist office.

Students: a tourist office offers free stays to young people!


Obviously, this offer is only for students or apprentices who are far from their family home. A breath of fresh air for those who live in terrible conditions most of the time. Go green for a few days, what could be better?

Today, more than 25 welcome students into their homes. The winegrowers also participate. It’s a bit of an opportunity to show off their craft. And for young people, it is therefore a great good to get out of your not necessarily joyful daily life.

“We had time to take a little walk in the vineyards. We take the air. And we see something other than our apartment, we do something other than work, eat and sleep ”explains a student at Le Parisien in an interview. And we understand it!

“It’s exhausting having computer lessons 8 hours a day. When evening comes, I can’t even fall asleep. All this has been going on since October… ”she continues. So these few days in a lodge is an opportunity to have a good night’s sleep and to clear your mind.

Basically, the operation was therefore to end in March. Finally, it is extended until April. So far, it has allowed more than 500 students to enjoy a cozy weekend in the countryside and sometimes even a trip to the spa!


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