Students: the Lyon platform “1 bag for a student” is hit!


Two young Lyon girls have just created a new platform to help students. This initiative is a huge success. More and more initiatives are emerging to help students. It must be said that for months, young people have struggled to make ends meet. Since covid-19, their odd jobs no longer exist and it is sometimes difficult to eat properly. A new initiative has just emerged.

So, to help them, certain structures are trying to put things in place. In Paris, restaurateurs offer meals. Everywhere, Casino is making additional reductions and university restaurants are offering meals at 1 euro.

But in Lyon, a new initiative has just emerged to best help students. On February 8, two Lyonnais launched a new platform. The name of this idea? 1 shopping bag for 1 student. And it’s a real success! So much so that the system will soon be available throughout France.

But what is the principle? It is quite simple. On the website, a sponsor and a student are put in contact. The first offers the second something to eat. But not only that, it can be a train ticket, a book within one’s means of course.

Beyond the gift, the other goal is to bring young people out of isolation. It connects them with other people to communicate. 20 minutes announced that in a few days, the platform had more than 1000 registrations. A totally unexpected success!

Students: the Lyon platform “1 bag for a student” is a hit!


The designers did not expect such success. “It goes way beyond what we imagined. Requests are even pouring in from all over France ”. the mother of one of the designers explains to 20 minutes.

“Beyond helping students get their fill, we re-create a bond in a society in which the bond has been completely loosened for a year,” she continues. The principle is simple. We sponsor a student, and in addition to our shopping, we fill a shopping bag for that person.

What to make a social bond but also to allow young people to eat properly. Because many of them confide that they do not have enough to eat every day. By becoming a sponsor, you agree to offer a shopping bag per week or every two weeks.

An initiative which therefore gives balm to the heart. And it works so well that the platform could be tested in other French cities within a few weeks. The two creators therefore encourage students to register on this site.

It does not cost anything and we must especially not be ashamed. The goal is mutual aid and everyone can benefit from it. A new initiative that is fun and could help thousands of young people. So thank you to the two designers who had this idea.


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