Students: radio stations want to help young people


French radio stations are mobilizing to help students in need! We’ll give you more details. French media are mobilizing to help students in precarious situations!

The health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic is plunging some into unprecedented precariousness. Among those most affected are a large number of young students. Eh yes !

The latter consider themselves a bit like those forgotten by the crisis. And their situation is only getting worse every day.

So to help them, operations are multiplying. Distribution stores, for example, have decided to offer vouchers to students. Eh yes !

Considerable assistance which still allows them to afford basic necessities. With a purchasing power weakened by the health crisis, young people can thus benefit from some interesting promotions.

Others have no other choice but to turn to associations for help. But beyond food, young people have other needs that they can no longer live without.

We think, for example, of computer hardware. Become essential since the establishment of distance learning courses, some young people are sorely lacking.

This therefore tends to increase the inequalities between the students. A situation that prompted more than one to stop studying! Without too much surprise.

So to come to the aid of this neglected youth, the media have decided to mobilize. Eh yes ! Here is what RTL and the M6 ​​group are planning for young people. We tell you everything.

RTL Reaches Out to Students

French radio has therefore decided to launch a major appeal for donations to help students. In fact, it is an operation that she is organizing with the help of Secours populaire.

The two will also be able to count on the support of the media of the M6 ​​group. Eh yes ! They will relay information en masse. Next Wednesday, RTL is therefore offering a special day on its antenna. Just that.

On the program: guests and reports in several cities in France. We will thus discover the food aid made available to students in Metz.

Or the distribution of computer equipment at the Cité Universitaire in Paris. Students will also be able to speak on air thanks to Pascal Praud and Caroline Dublanche. Eh yes !

Catherine Mangin, deputy editor of RTL explains that this initiative was born from the observation made by radio reports in the field. Without too many surprises!

“At some point, you need money, you can’t act without fundraising,” said Christian Lampin, national secretary of Secours populaire at AFP. Donations will therefore be able to finance material aid. But not only !

They will also allow isolated students to discover accommodation possibilities. And for young people to help each other.

Beyond the student world, Catherine Mangin hopes to help raise awareness of the difficulties facing the young generation. Will this new mobilization make a difference? We hope so anyway. Stay tuned, up close.


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