Students: psychological checks used by young people!


The “psy checks” for students are (unfortunately) a hit: more than 5,000 young people have taken a consultation since the beginning of February!

“Ghost students” overwhelmed by depression, that’s no myth! While the government has put in “psychiatric checks” to help young people in place, more than 5,000 of them have chosen to consult …

So this is a measure we would never have wanted to see. And that we never wanted to see walk. But the executive offers the youngsters psych checks, and they rush over. The Minister of Higher Education gives the figures.

“More than 850 city psychologists have joined forces with us,” explains Frédérique Vidal on RTL. 850 psys for more than 5,000 students. Because since the measure took effect, waiting rooms have filled up.

1,200 young people the first week, then 2,000 the following two weeks: the psychiatric checks therefore go out far too quickly. Another sign of student distress, after long queues for food aid, and suicide attempts.

All signals therefore appear to be red. But the minister tries to be reassuring. “The first job is to get the students to express this distress. “Even though they have been trying to voice this distress for several months …

Some young people even feel abandoned by their ministry. All the more so since the minister seemed for a time more occupied with “Islamo-leftism” than with the problem of young people in distress.

Students: the psy checks already used by more than 5,000 young people!


This time, Frédérique Vidal therefore spoke concretely about the problem of young people. A problem all the more visible as the rush to the shrink did not wait a week … The Minister sees good news. “The idea is to be part of a care path. ”

Less work, less social contact, less money, too: the students are facing a very serious crisis. A social problem, but above all an existential one. The Minister points to another concern, the fear of speaking.

Because for her, the evil that gnaws at young people only began to be felt recently. Although the Observatory of Student Life estimated that a third of young people had experienced psychological disorders during the first lockdown.

Frédérique Vidal therefore sees “extremely responsible young people”. Students who prefer to take a shrink check because they “don’t dare complain because they think there are people more unhappy than them. ”

A discreet but deep disease has been gnawing at the youth for almost a year. But the hardest hit can see a shrink, with state help. All you need to do is request a certificate from a medical doctor at the University.

It will not solve money worries, food or social worries … But students can get some of the help they seek. It’s already that.


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