Students: MPs propose an income for young people!


To help students, Socialist deputy Hervé Sauliganc proposes a minimum income for all young people between 18 and 25 years old.

It’s not an easy time for students at the moment. Many of them suffer from financial insecurity. So some MPs are proposing a solution. This is a minimum income for young people. But not everyone agrees with this idea.

Individual help for emancipation. This is the name of the measure two MPs would like to take. The goal ? Provide some sort of minimum income for young people between 18 and 25 years old. Most of them have seen their student jobs blow up with covid-19.

Because of this, many students cannot make ends meet. The queues are stretched out in front of the grassroots aid or other associations that help young people. While the state has already put several measures in place, MEPs want to go even further.

Because meals at 1 euro in university restaurants are not enough. These devices are “insufficient” for Hervé Saulignac, Socialist deputy. On France Info, the deputy explains what he would like to put in place for young people.

First, a basic income, a bit like the RSA worth 564 euros. So that all students have a minimum to live “correctly” and especially to have enough food. But, the member does not want to stop there. It provides for a second aid.

Students: MPs propose a minimum income for young people!


This would therefore be a “capital endowment” of 5,000 euros. This would allow students “to have the means to start that they don’t have.” For example in order to start their own business, to create something, a business or a project. A little help.

Obviously, these aids would be exclusively for 18-25 year olds. And more particularly, those who do not receive help from their families and relatives. Because it creates social differences and prevents some students from getting out. We must therefore find a certain equity.

“There are young people who are either on the margins, in a way, of the family environment, or detached from the tax household, or with parents who have extremely modest resources. All of these are eligible for the help we offer. ”

This bill was tabled on January 5. “In adult life, there is a continuum of social benefits, and there is a hole in the rack: between 18 and 25, there is nothing at all.” Hervé Saulignac justified himself at the microphone of France Info.

But on the executive side, an RSA for young people is not a solution. From the start, the government has been focusing more on supporting young people. So, we will see later what will happen to this bill. But at the moment things are not moving in this direction.


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