Students: Michelin-starred chefs cook for teenagers!

Restaurant owners and great starred chefs decide to offer free, healthy and balanced dishes to students in need.

It’s not easy to be a student in 2021. With the current situation, many young people find it difficult to eat. And starred chefs can’t let that go.

It has been a tough year for most of the students. Some even had to make a difficult choice. Eat or pay their rent. The distress of the students is therefore very present. That’s why some people don’t hesitate to help improve their lives.

As is the case in Alsace. Two mothers from Ribeauvillé in Haut-Rhin had a very good idea. Ask restaurant owners to help the students.

Indeed, they were worried about the future of young people. Because most have had to quit their odd jobs and do not have enough money to buy food.

It was therefore at the “Café Rapp” in the center of Colmar that the initiative was born. Local restaurateurs and starred chefs promise a fresh, free dish for each student.

Among them, Olivier Nasti, best worker in France who has a starred gourmet restaurant in Kaysersberg. A surge of solidarity reached the ears of other personalities in gastronomy.

Like Marc Haeberlin of the 2-star restaurant “L’auberge de l’Ill”, Nicolas Stamm of “La Fourchette des ducs”. But also Jérôme Jaeglé who received the sustainable development award from the Michelin Guide in 2020.

And so they cooked the best for the students.

Students: Michelin-starred chefs cook free for young people!


It is therefore with joy that the chefs are launching the operation “100 menus per day offered to students”. An event that will last 4 weeks.

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This will allow the cooks to take turns each day to create a different menu. To produce a total of 1,600 meals distributed free to students.

From 11:30 am, between two video lessons, young people can therefore find their meal. After registering on the restaurant’s Facebook page, they will be entitled to a balanced lunch.

And this outpouring of solidarity has saved the lives of many students in need. As is the case with Auriane, 19 years old and a legal career DUT student.

So she explains to “L’express” that she often eats ready-made, low-quality meals. Because the university restaurants are closed and it is difficult to find something to eat quickly.

She also thanks the chefs for thinking of them by offering them very healthy dishes. And they all agree. We must maintain the social link and be united. And it does them good morale. Because they don’t have the opportunity to work so they want to be useful somewhere.

The manager of the Café, Dominique Lenys even admits: “when students eat well, tomorrow’s France gets better”. A win-win bet for everyone therefore.



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