Students: McFly and Carlito will help young people!


This is the announcement that panicked the Web this weekend. McFly and Carlito decided to help the students through a request from Mr. Macron …

Our president challenged two YouTubers and not the least. Indeed, McFly and Carlito said yes to produce a clip on YouTube to initiate barrier gestures. If this is not unanimous, they justify themselves this way: they will help the students with this clip.

OMG… Who would have believed it? Emmanuel Macron indeed asked McFly and Carlito to sensitize young people and students. This, through a video.

In return, the president promises them to attend and offer them the Elysee Palace for their next video. As you can imagine, they gave in, without further ado.

As much to say to you that on the side of the fans, this is not unanimous. Aside from the fact that many do not like Macron’s policies, there are also those who feel that they are all sold.

Regardless, the duo immediately wanted to justify themselves for accepting. The money raised through this video would allow them to support students in France.

However, some believe that this partnership hides something suspicious. Especially since they would not be at their first attempt, far from it in short.

Students: McFly and Carlito will help young people with their music video!


McFly and Carlito have already had to face several controversies and have things to be ashamed of. Particularly on the subject of sorely lacking transparency partnerships, with Spotify to name a few.

No matter what, this supposedly student-rescue clip has already seen the light of day. It’s soberly titled “I Remember” and may leave us with bitter memories.

If they are supposed to remind us of barrier gestures, it’s a safe bet that this is just a pretext. Worse, they don’t seem really convinced by what they’re saying.

By their own admission, they don’t always seem to respect these gestures, although they do call for a little accountability. The video reminds us of their famous Coronacheck … Embarrassing for some.

While the initiative to help students starts from a good feeling, it seems to distract from a fundamental problem. Students need real action to get out of their distress.

Again, Emmanuel Macron seems more preoccupied with the idea of ​​lecturing the youngsters through two “trendy” YouTubers, rather than responding to their complaints.

For the latter, this video is even the last straw. “Wait, but our president there, he just traded the Elysee Palace for McFly and Carlito views? »Summed up @wshlequipecava brilliantly on Twitter.

Also, one might think that this video sends the opposite message to the one that Mr. Macron wanted to convey … Because listening to them, they do not both set an example, so why do it?

It is clear that the recipe is working, since they have already reached 7 million views. Having said that, did Macron manage to make himself listen to young people through McFly and Carlito? Not so sure …


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