Students: “Madeleine Café” platform to help young people!


A new platform has just been created to help students in distress … The latter is called “Madeleine café”

Not easy on a daily basis for students in France and elsewhere. To overcome the problems related to the current situation, a platform has just been created. This is “Madeleine café”, put together by academics. This tool should allow young people to maintain a bond at this very special time.

These days, students are living on a roller coaster ride. Some of them even feel left behind in the face of the health crisis.

For more than a year, their situation has not seemed to be improving and things have gone from bad to worse. This does not prevent certain structures from being created to help them.

For example, we have seen the birth of solidarity grocery stores, while the Crous lower the price of their meal trays. Of course, these measures alone are not enough.

It has also been suggested to open the RSA to young people still in education, which is not unanimous. However, another problem lies in this crisis: the lack of social ties.

To strengthen the link between the students, despite the distance courses, a platform has just been created. She responds to the name “Madeleine Café” and helps young people in distress.


Many students are currently in isolation. Consequence: a high peak of depression and ill-being that weighs on them.

All the more so as some of them live in more than unsanitary conditions. Added to this is the fact that some share an apartment with others, without the possibility of going out with the curfew and semi-confinement.

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Never mind: hotels will open their doors to students to provide them with accommodation. That said, what about the lack of social connection generated by online courses?

For the developers of “Madeleine Café”, this is not “another passive Zoom link”, far from it. Nor will it be a matter of “turning off your microphone when you arrive to avoid disturbing others.”

Concretely, the students fill out a questionnaire on a voluntary basis. We then get back in touch with them for a virtual or real appointment, with people who share their level of education or their areas of interest.

For the academics in charge of this project, it is about creating a link. Link that has faded somewhat these days, giving way to social distress and declining mental health.

For the time being, about a dozen universities are represented through “Madeleine Café”. Among them, Lyon 3, Brest, Paris 13, Nanterre or even the University of Cergy.


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