Students: how does the student support platform work?


The precariousness of students is very worrying. Several regions have launched psychological support platforms such as Student Listening

Since the start of the health crisis, school dropouts have increased. Students are isolated at home, cut off from all social ties and depressed. Among them, hundreds of thousands have lost their service jobs. Because of the closure of restaurants, bars and also cinemas. To help them, initiatives are multiplying.


The Student Listening platform set up by the Île-de-France region to help young people. And the students to face the crisis. She mainly focuses on psycho problems. To do this, she offers three options: take stock with questions, read tips for feeling better. Or request a teleconsultation with a health professional.

The Île-de-France region has also taken steps to help hiring young people. Thus, she recalled that home help and childcare services such as Azaé continued to recruit students. Their services are in high demand by parents who work after the curfew.


Throughout the week of February 8 to 12, the national radio Europe1 also mobilized to help young people. All of its programs have adapted in an attempt to address the problems they encounter. Thus, each program has put its specialty at the service of young people and students.

Throughout the week, the students were able to receive health advice and psycho advice. But also professional advice. The branch was also keen to establish a link between auditors and companies. The objective was therefore to overcome precariousness by helping access to employment.


If all these efforts are laudable and thanked, they do not hide the depth of the current crisis. The financial insecurity of students is not new. Moreover, it is even more important when you consider young people who are no longer students. However, in addition to money worries, there are psychological problems, loneliness and confinement.

Many local initiatives are trying to calm the situation and help young people. However, some politicians did not fail to point out that there would be no solution without deep political reform. Some even see it as an opportunity to revive the debate on universal income.