Students: helping teens fill their fridges!


The queues for food aid are getting longer and longer … In Lyon, platforms are helping students find food!

So the “ghost students” seem to be more and more numerous. While the pandemic lasts, and the restrictions seem planned for a while yet, a platform is helping young people find food in Lyon!

Because the causes of depression are more and more numerous among young people. First, the lessons. Less and less presence, less and less contact and the difficulties thus seem impossible to avoid during the studies …

But the problems don’t end there. The first confinement caused psychological distress in a third of the students, according to the Observatory of Student Life. A serious crisis that does not seem to be improving …

A second lock down and a curfew later, the young people do not go out. They finish their lessons and fall directly under curfew at 6 p.m. For many of them, financial problems also arise.

Restaurants, bars, and quite a few structures that hire students for the year must indeed remain closed. This therefore leads young people to turn to the help of others. Hence the endless queues in front of the help centers …

But young people are trying to help them, like Marion Dolisy Galzy and Anne Wuattier, who created 1CabasPour1Étudiant near Lyon. Two objectives behind this initiative: to recreate social ties, and to provide help to young people in distress.


The platform thus connects a “godfather” and a “godson”. The first therefore provides assistance to the second … But not only financial assistance. Food certainly plays a central role. But contact also seems essential.

“This initiative aims to respond to a need for financial assistance. But not that “, nuance one of the creator of 1 tote for 1 student in the columns of Lyon Mag. Because the distress of young people also requires human responses.

The two designers thus focus on “creating a link in the neighborhood”. Obviously, a lot of young people in difficulty needed it. “These are testimonies that we have in this direction. ”

The two women are also seeking to encourage students to get closer to their platform. “No embarrassment or shame,” they insist. The needs are numerous, and all help seems welcome.

“Families who give do so with their hearts and not at all with a notion of pity. “More than 1,000 people have used the platform created by the two women. But the initiative only exists in Lyon for the moment …

If fundraising and meetings continue to work on this fine path, no doubt 1 shopping bag for 1 student will be able to lend a hand in other big cities!


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