Students: hairdressers are on the move to help!


On the initiative of Giovanni Rizzelli, hairdressers are mobilizing to help students in precarious situations.

Giovanni Rizzelli, hairdresser by profession and owner of two salons, recently made the decision to provide free hair for students in need. Other professionals then supported him in his approach.

As you no doubt know, students are therefore among the great victims of the Covid-19 pandemic. They bear the brunt of the consequences!

For almost a year, they have been studying in very uncomfortable conditions, and thus try to hang on. But for many, the situation is starting to get very complicated to deal with.

Social isolation is thus compounded by financial problems. Eh yes ! Finding a job during this time is proving tricky to say the least.

Some people have no choice but to tighten their belts, even if it means skipping certain activities. Among them, the visits to the hairdresser!

Between a meal and a haircut, you have to choose! Finally … Until a professional scissor intervenes. Hairdresser by profession, Giovanni Rizzelli therefore offers students in need to clear their ears at a lower cost.

Better than that, it does it for free! All you have to do is present a student card and a few wicks that you want to get rid of. Nice!


Giovanni Rizzelli is not just a simple hairdresser. He is also and above all a loving dad. Touched by the plight of his children and that of all the other students, he decided to act.

Recently, it has therefore offered its services free of charge to young people in need. “It’s without an appointment,” he explains. Young people in need simply need to present a student and association card. I am on site from 7 am. ”

And he can make up to 15 cuts in a single morning! Hat the artist. “I have been doing this job for over thirty years, I’m not around 2 or 3 hours extra. We make people beautiful, it’s extraordinary, ”he adds.

Giovanni Rizzelli’s initiative then quickly made the rounds on social networks. Other professionals in the trade then decided to join his cause.

“I didn’t expect such a surge of solidarity. Seeing smiles on the faces of these young people is really nice. We got a lot of calls. It will be the rush! »Declares the hairdresser.

Giovanni Rezzelli and his colleagues thus appear as real heroes for the students. Their little help resonates in the hearts of the latter.

But the initiator of the “free cups” project has also been talked about in another way. He had posed half-naked in his living room to protest against the government’s measures!


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