Students: Gérald Darmanin will help “10,000 young people”


Gérald Darmanin plans to help 10,000 young students in difficulty! We give you more details. Gérald Darmanin launches a plan to help 10,000 young students!

This period of health crisis has plunged a large number of people into very precarious situations. Among the first affected are young students.

Between depression and financial difficulties, French youth feel neglected. Recently, some brands have set up commercial operations to help young people in need.

Indeed, we think for example of Intermarché then Auchan. The latter offered vouchers to students so that they could do their shopping.

On the other hand, the health crisis has forced many young people to drop out. Eh yes ! For several months, the courses have been done remotely.

It looked like the students would get used to this new form of teaching. But this is not the case.

Indeed, many are those who dream only of finding the benches of the university. Eh yes ! A situation which therefore becomes very difficult for some.

On the other hand, some young people find it difficult to find training. The search for internships or work-study contracts is also proving to be a real obstacle course. Without too much surprise.

To this end, the Interior Ministry has decided to launch a “10,000 youth” plan. He hopes in this way to help young people in need. We tell you more.

Students: Gérald Darmanin will help “10,000 young people” in difficulty!


Gérald Darmanin therefore announced in a letter addressed to the services of the ministry the details of his plan “10,000 young people”. Its plan aims to offer more than 10,000 internships, apprenticeship contracts and other opportunities to young people.

This plan also concerns middle school, high school and college students of all ages. The ministry is implementing this plan from the next few weeks until the end of the 2021/2022 school year. Eh yes !

The plan will therefore benefit “young people facing the greatest difficulties, especially in the districts of Republican reconquest” specifies Gérald Darmanin. Concretely, 1,800 additional internships will be offered to 3rd year college students. Just that.

1,200 places for cadets from the national gendarmerie will also be open for children under 18. For 18-25 year olds, 4,000 internship offers will be offered to young students.

Gérald Darmanin’s plan also provides for 1,500 apprenticeship contracts and 1,500 civic services. Just that ! So how do you take advantage of it?

From this Tuesday, February 23, young people will be able to apply on the site Each prefecture will therefore receive applications from its department.

In the following days, the prefectures will therefore recontact the young people who have submitted their application, specifies the AFP. In his letter, Gérald Darmanin calls for the mobilization of all the central departments of the ministry in order to carry out his plan “10,000 young people. ” Stay tuned, up close.