Students: Cultural places open their doors!


Cultural places open their spaces only to young students! We give you more details. Cultural spaces open their doors to young students!

The health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic is locking students at home. Often in small apartments not necessarily suitable for working there. Without surprise !

You should know that for several months, young people have been deprived of face-to-face lessons. Indeed, several colleges and universities are still closed.

While other students were able to find face-to-face lessons in preparatory classes and BTS for example. But this situation is becoming more and more difficult for young people.

Indeed, many people feel alone and abandoned. Unfortunately some preferred to drop out of their education.

While others have chosen to end their own lives. Indeed, the health crisis has greatly affected the mental health of young people.

Suicide attempts among 18-25 year olds have increased alarmingly. And the feeling of loneliness and ill-being has increased among the population.

It must be said that confinements, curfews, closures of bars, restaurants and cultural spaces are undermining the morale of the population. Without surprise !

In Rennes and Mulhouse, certain cultural venues have decided to react. They have indeed taken the initiative to reach out to young students. How? ‘Or’ What ? We tell you everything.

Students: cultural places open their doors for young people!


Everyone is doing what they can to fight against this gloom. Others have the power to do something for others.

This is the case with several cultural spaces in the cities of Rennes and Mulhouse which have decided to open their doors. In fact, students can now take advantage of a workspace offered by the National Theater of Brittany, in Rennes for example.

The France 3 teams confirm that this initiative will allow instead of reviving on one side. And to help students come out of their isolation from one another.

“It’s a change from the university library and our little apartment,” Léa explains to France Info. Other young people also say they are touched and very happy to see that we think of them.

Perrine Cadiou, in charge of relations with the theater audiences, seems very satisfied with this initiative. “We have space, tables, chairs, wifi, heating,” she explains.

So it makes sense for her to be able to share it with young students. In Mulhouse, the Motoco, a private artistic venue has also decided to open its doors. Eh yes !

Indeed, it can now accommodate students in its enormous space. In fact, local restaurateurs also wanted to help.

Thus, several of them decided to offer lunch meals to young students. Just that ! What to boost the morale of the latter! Hope it lasts. Case to be continued.


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