Students: CAP students cook for teenagers!


To help young people in distress because of their precariousness, CAP students in Amiens cook 45 dishes for them.

In Technical Assistant CAP in Amiens, around thirty students were busy in the kitchen to prepare good dishes. They will be served to 45 students in precarious situations.

It is a real solidarity and educational project! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, around 30 CAP students from the Lycée Édouard Gand d´Amiens will not be able to participate in the Midnight Before Night Festival.

And for good reason, the 2021 edition has been canceled, as reported by our colleagues from France Bleu, this Wednesday, February 17. So these students will not be able to run the food stand as planned.

So they have a new idea. Rather than sit idly by, why not prepare a meal for the struggling students at the Université Picardie Jules-Verne?

So all the students put on their tables to get busy in a large kitchen to work with local products. On the menu: leek soups, chickpea cakes or crepes and sand roses.

All students have a specific task. Indeed, a young man is in charge of the lentil terrines. For him, cooking for 45 people is a more than enriching experience.

Especially since he would like to work in a collective kitchen, as in an EHPAD. “At first it was a bit difficult because it’s hard to make a recipe when you don’t know. But afterwards, when we do it three times, it’s fine. It’s good when you evolve like this! ”

One thing is for sure, he’s not the only one who adores his job. Margaux, just as concentrated, welcomes this project. “We want to help them, the students,” explains the young woman. It motivates to work. ”


Moreover, this solidarity project allows CAP Technical Assistant students in a family and collective environment to work as a team. And the least we can say is that they love it!

Indeed, they are happy to be able to cook together. Moreover, Louis Teyssedou, one of their teacher, has felt their motivation for several weeks.

“These are CAPs who worked with their mathematics teacher on proportions, in civic education a little with me. In the kitchen, they are the ones who made the recipes, who established everything. Everything is local, there is a zest, a great working atmosphere. ”

One thing is certain, it is that these students could well repeat the experiment in the coming months. In fact, according to our colleagues, they could cook other meals.

That way they could distribute them to other people. Or serve them at a concert, if sanitary conditions permit. One thing is certain, these students want to feel useful and help others.

Especially since young people need help. According to France Inter, 79% of them think it “is very sad to be 20 years old in the 2020s”.