Students can go to university restaurants again!


University restaurants are reopening their doors to students. Good news for all those who have returned to college.

You know times are tough for students. They haven’t been able to go to college for months. Classes are remote and many of them fall into depression. But on top of that, some find it difficult to eat. So the university restaurants reopen.

The Minister, Frédérique Vidal had announced it. Since February 8, young people can go to college again under certain conditions of course. And to facilitate their return, university restaurants are finally reopening their doors. Something to rejoice more than one.

Until 6 p.m., it is therefore possible for students to go and collect their meal. Obviously, no dining hall but rather a take-away sale to limit contacts within the university. But some establishments may even offer take-away meals from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

To facilitate access for students, they can consult an interactive map of places to eat in the Crous on the etudiant.gouv site. At least no surprise for those who wish to use this service. Especially since we know, the prices are very attractive.

So for all those who were struggling to make ends meet, this is really good news. No more primary meals and not necessarily balanced, it will now be easier to eat. Something to relieve everyone after months of hardship.


But in addition to their reopening, a new measure has just been put in place. The prices for a meal have just been capped at 1 euro so that they can be accessible to all! The goal ? Fight against student insecurity.

Students will therefore be able to eat daily at the nearest university canteen. Especially since these meals at one euro concern everyone. Even non-scholarship holders and foreign students. What to relieve the less full purses.

Because for months the students had been sounding the alarm bells. Most of them fell into psychological as well as financial distress. Because because of covid-19, young people can no longer do an odd job next to school.

So the end of the month gets more and more complicated. And it’s not uncommon to hear testimonials from students who skip certain meals because they cannot afford to shop as regularly as they should. The state therefore wants to help them as much as possible in the coming months.

Emmanuel Macron said he did not want to “sacrifice the youth”. To show that in addition to words, deeds will follow, some measures are being taken. In the second semester, the university restaurants will therefore cost one euro per meal, to the delight of all.


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