Students: businesses helping him face the health crisis!


The students are almost all in a rather precarious situation because of the health crisis. So some try to help them.

For several months, morale has not been good for students. It must be said that most of them experience this period of distance education and health crisis very badly. Classes have been on the computer for months and many of them have lost their jobs.

Because often, when we study, we take a little job on the side. Just to have a few pennies to eat well and have fun. But with the pandemic, most of these “odd jobs” had to come to an end. So sometimes impossible to make ends meet.

The queues are getting longer and longer in front of the popular aid or other associations that help young people. A precarious situation, difficult to manage for most. So some businesses are trying to help them and especially to give them heartburn.

In Paris, the boss of Flam’s in the 15th decides to take a small action. His ambition? Give a helping hand to students who need it most. For the occasion, he is distributing no less than 200 Flamekueches on presentation of a student card.

So many young people today were waiting for their meals. Since January, the boss explains that this is the third time he has done this action. Asked by LCI, he explains: “They need to know that you are thinking of them. They need to know that we are close to them. Whether it is me or the other traders ”.

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Students are having a tough time right now. And some of them then fall into a certain psychological distress. So some people but also some firms try to help young people each in their own way. This is the case of the giant Casino.

For some time now, students have been entitled to a 10% reduction on in-house items. A little nothing that can do a lot when you don’t have much. Every initiative is good to take and none is to be thrown away, on the contrary.

A student interviewed by LCI is delighted with this reduction at Casino. “It might not sound like much, but to me, it’s great. That’s some savings. Which gives a boost to morale. Supermarkets are trying to make an effort.

Other brands, for example, offer packed lunches for only 2 euros and others offer vouchers of 10 euros for every 20 euros spent. In short, small actions that gradually help the students who need it most in this period of health crisis.

It’s not easy to get by every day nor to keep morale up. So every action is good to take. The 200 lucky ones who were able to get a free flamekueche must have been delighted with their day!


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