Students: Best Chef nominee, offering menus to Lyonnais!


A candidate for the M6 ​​”Top Chef” show decided to treat the students. It indeed offers a gourmet menu for students from Lyon!

Expect to feast, all in all! Indeed, Adrien Zecca, former candidate of Top Chef on M6 has decided to offer menus to students from Lyon. Something to delight their taste buds as February 14 approaches. So a holiday meal is on the horizon!

Students also have the right to their gourmet menu for Valentine’s Day itself. Never mind ! If the latter are often penniless, this may be a way to help them.

To help them put the small dishes in the big ones, Adrien Zecca of Top Chef on M6 has done things with great fanfare. We already have the stomach in the heels, so much that makes the editor hungry, don’t you?

This former candidate for M6’s flagship culinary show therefore wanted to give the people of Lyon a gift. These could have the chance to be among the few Happy Fews.

Indeed, the starred chef wants to offer 100 meals worth 45 euros to students in the city of two hills. A way for them to fill their stomachs for Valentine’s Day, alone or in pairs!

In total, the Culina Hortus restaurant will therefore deliver 100 meals to young people in the city of Lyon. Meals to say the least appetizing and especially vegetarian.


As we know, veggie cuisine has something to do with us and is not boring, contrary to popular belief. These tasty meals, and gourmet please, will be a change from the meals at Crous!

“We used to take a lot of extra students in restaurants,” said Thomas Bouanich, co-founder of the restaurant concerned. “We know it’s a big waste of money for them.”

However, the extras are no longer really welcome with the Covid-19 which is still striking. In fact, most of the restaurants have closed shop, having to content themselves with delivery.

It is therefore in this outpouring of generosity that they are going to offer them a meal to share during Valentine’s Day. “It’s not much, but we are trying to help them.”

This is therefore good news for all these young students who will be able to benefit from a 100% vegetarian and gastronomic offer. The initiative has already been teased on the restaurant’s Instagram account.

These menus will also be alcohol-free and “to be picked up on February 15 from 10 am to 2 pm at the restaurant”. Or a day after February 14, but that’s just a detail.

To take advantage of the offer, the beneficiaries will of course have to reserve their share. Then, they will have to present their student card on the big day once they come to collect their order.

The meal consists of a vegetable pie, potatoes with truffles, and a salad of herbs and flowers on a bed of truffle vinaigrette. But that’s not all !

For dessert, there is a dark chocolate cream, peanut scrunchies and a chocolate biscuit with fleur de sel. Alas, everything is already sold out!


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