Students: Auchan is also launching coupons to help!


Auchan provides vouchers to help young students in need. We give you more details! Auchan is setting up vouchers to help students!

The health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic puts students in unprecedented precariousness. First of all from a mental health perspective.

Young people are indeed deprived of their social life. So yes, a bit like all of us. But they spend what are supposed to be their best student years behind a screen between 4 walls.

A situation which weighs on the morale of young people. All the more so since they are also facing great financial difficulties. Eh yes !

Indeed, the health crisis is also depriving them of their student jobs, for example. While many rely on it to make ends meet.

Thus, the end of the month becomes more and more difficult. Beyond thinking about having fun, young people no longer even find something to eat.

We think of the chilling testimony of a young girl at the microphone of Quotidien. A 21-year-old student explains to journalist Paul Larrouturou that she has around 40 euros a month for shopping.

The young woman ends up confessing to him that sometimes she is forced to steal from stores to be able to eat. “I can’t eat otherwise. I steal fruits, vegetables, cakes, tea, necessary things ”confides the young student.

Faced with this lost youth, some brands have decided to reach out to them. Here is what Auchan plans.

Students: Auchan is also launching vouchers to help young people!


After Intermarché, it is the turn of the Auchan distribution chain to help students. This Friday, February 19, the brand announced the launch of a temporary offer to combat food insecurity among young people.

Like its competitor, it will therefore set up a voucher to help young people. Thus, for 20 euros spent, the customer receives a 10 euros voucher! Just that.

The initiative starts on February 23 and will last until March 1. Students will only need to present their student card or school certificate to benefit from the offer.

You will also need an Auchan loyalty card to take advantage of this promotion. The vouchers can then be used from March 2 to 15.

Auchan goes even further. Beyond this temporary offer, the brand indicates that it has been supporting the National Association for the Development of Solidarity Groceries for months. Eh yes !

It would thus have paid 12,000 euros in subsidies to 4 solidarity grocery stores in Strasbourg, Amiens and Villeneuve-d’Ascq. Eh yes. Just that !

The group also announces that it has paid 40,000 euros to the association which manages catering for students at the Catholic University of Lille. Enter on March 8 and 31, Auchan customers will also be able to donate to charity grocery stores. 1, 3 or 5 euros, your choice.

So now is the time to do a little help for young people in need. Case to be continued.


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