Students are overwhelmed by Blue Monday!


The period is not easy for students facing the Covid-19. However, they also have to deal with Blue Monday.

Blue Monday is one of the worst days for college students. In addition to not being in top form because of the health crisis, they are facing the most depressing day of the year.

Monday January 18th is a very depressing day. Today, the French have to face Blue Monday which is none other than Blue Monday. Today was named the most depressing day of the year according to a British advertising campaign, by Sky Travel TV in 2005.

As echoed by Midi Libre, Blue Monday refers to “weekly mood swings.” So, it consists of seeing Monday as the saddest day of the week. While this superstition has never really been substantiated and even seems false, the students are living this day as an ordeal … and even more so this year.

Blue Monday is said to be a huge hoax that comes primarily from an advertising campaign. So, it is better not to think too much that Monday, January 18 is depressing. Nevertheless, the students have something to be more depressing than the other days, because they are very badly off lately in the face of Covid-19.

The future of young people is uncertain and they are all worried about being able to continue their education in the face of the health crisis. With the curfew or the confinements, it seems complicated for the students to concentrate. Not to mention that some no longer have odd jobs to support themselves and are in precariousness.


Blue Monday is a depressing day for students, but Covid-19 looks a lot worse for them. The crisis has only accentuated some discomfort among young people in recent months. Thus, this Monday, HEYME, a mutual fund for 15-35 year olds, put forward some puzzling figures thanks to a survey on the mental health of students.

According to the OpinionWay study, 49% of young people (almost half) go through major periods of depression. This is particularly linked to the epidemic, which is impacting both their social life and their studies. Thus, more than 6 out of 10 students would like to be stressed. They feel helpless, even left out and worry about the future.

The same study also showed that young people would not be so irresponsible in the face of Covid-19. Indeed, more than 54% are worried about transmitting the virus to their loved ones, explains Midi Libre. They could therefore choose to isolate themselves so as not to endanger members of their family.

Finally, students don’t need Blue Monday to express their anger. Indeed, since January 12, they have launched the #etudiantsfantomes on Twitter, echoed our colleagues. They ask for the reopening of the faculties in order to be able to continue to study and not lose another year. Then, they also want to have psychological support.


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