Students are in “weakness” during Covid-19!

It seems that students and Covid-19 do not mix very well! Some students even admit to being in great distress.

Since the onset of the health crisis, students have continued to voice their concerns. And yet it seems that this time they are in great distress, because of covid-19.

The ill-being of 18-25 year olds is not an issue to be taken lightly. Indeed, a few days ago a student was therefore trying to commit suicide. The latter threw himself from the fourth floor of his residence. This young student living in Villeurbanne could no longer bear to live in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Then, four days after the suicide attempt of this young boy, a student from Lyon was also trying to end her life.

The French government seems to have already become aware of the unhappiness of French students. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron and the Minister of Health tried to lend their support by saying that it was hard to be 20 in 2020.

In addition, to help students, the government seems to want to recruit psychologists but also social workers. And yet, it seems that the perfect solution does not exist. But will this be enough? Not so sure. We will therefore note the efforts made to support them as best as possible.

Living with Covid-19 seems inevitable. Ouch! Young people deprived of their social life put on hold find themselves stuck at home. They then find themselves learning via videoconference courses. Exit face-to-face lessons! So not easy.


Nothing very surprising, the Covid-19 affects everyone and especially students. Since the closure of campuses, young people feel neglected. Eh yes !

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Students, very affected by the pandemic, find themselves deprived of their youth. Not to mention all the projects that fall apart. Many of them feel demotivated and cannot see the end of the tunnel. Like many French people.

To understand the discomfort of these students, 20 minutes asked Caroline Combes, doctor. Unsurprisingly, she is sounding the alarm bells about the psychological health of the students.

Indeed, Caroline Combes explains: “I know that the reasons for consultation currently are primarily mental health reasons linked to loss of motivation, loss of vitality or dropping out. ”

She says this discomfort is not linked only to Covid-19: “The students’ mental health difficulties pre-existed the health crisis. But isolation, confinement, precariousness, (…) are elements that can trigger discomfort. ”

In addition, Caroline Combes points to the positive side of the health crisis: “This pandemic has had the benefit of highlighting the health problems of students. ”

In short, students must not get discouraged and continue to see the positive. Not that easy !



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