Students: a 1200 euro allowance for young people?


Jacques Attali defends the students and invites the government to set up an allowance to help them financially.

Financial aid for all students? This is what Jacques Attali seems to promise at the microphone of Europe 1. An allocation that comes at a premium in these difficult times.

Jacques Attali was therefore the guest of the show “It feels good”. The senior official was visiting to promote his book. Which is titled “History of the Media. Smoke signals to social networks, and after ”.

For the occasion, Anne Roumanoff asked him a few questions about the current situation. But above all on the precariousness of students because of the health crisis.

And for him we must take an example from our Danish and Norwegian neighbors. He therefore wishes to pay an allowance of 1,200 euros to all the students as soon as possible.

The economist and friend of the French Presidents is convinced of this. This is the best solution to solve the problem.

Jacques Attali therefore explains that this is a priority. He then said: “It is a scandal not to help them to continue their studies”.

In fact, since the start of Covid-19, students have been the great forgotten ones in France. Most universities are still closed. And students continue to stay at home to take distance learning courses.

A situation which weighs on their morale but also on their health. Because without odd jobs, they cannot earn money and pay their rent or their groceries.

Some people don’t even have enough money to eat properly. And for Jacques Attali this is unacceptable.

Students: soon an allowance of 1200 euros for young people?


But this allowance for students will not be in the form of universal income according to him. Jacques Attali explains that he is against this principle.

Because a universal income is what is given in return. Whereas here the trade-off is work. And he says it very well: “studying is a job. It’s a real profession ”.

He would therefore like the government to already pay 500 or even 600 euros to all students. Which would already be a good start.

His idea could be a good solution in these difficult times. But for him, we should also continue after the health crisis.

Indeed, he would like this allowance to be put in place over time. Because for him the students are the future of France and without them we are nothing.

He then gives a very interesting example: “The pandemic shows it to us. If a medical student can’t afford to live anymore. He abandons his studies. ”

Before continuing: “He is a doctor who will be missed in 10 years. He therefore explains that those who refuse to help a student feed himself and continue his studies will complain in the future.

This is why Jacques Attali invites the government to be altruistic. And therefore to save his precarious students.