Students: 1jeune1solution site has 30,000 internships!


In order to help students, the State announced a strengthening of the 1jeune1solution device and added 30,000 internship proposals.

The students are annoyed. Of an average of 500,000 internships per year, almost half could not take place because of the epidemic.

It’s no longer a secret. The Covid-19 has had serious consequences on the psychological and material state of many students. But nine months later, Matignon is still trying to help the students.

Thus, the State has just announced a strengthening of the 1jeune1solution system. Launched in July 2020, this site hopes to provide an answer to every young person. And this, according to his situation and his need. Good idea !

It partially includes a hiring assistance component for businesses, which expires on March 31. As such, “reflections are underway”. “The social dialogue conference, bringing together government and social partners, which the Prime Minister will chair in mid-March will be an opportunity to see if there is an extension of this aid”. Good !

But what is the state planning for now? About 30,000 internship proposals for students will appear on March 1 on the site. For the moment, 100,000 job offers are currently identified, announced Thursday Matignon. A big step forward therefore!

The Prime Minister wants “the 1jeune1solution platform to become the one that will identify all the information for young people”. However, the state does not intend to stop there.

Students: already 30,000 internships online on the 1jeune1solution site!


Great news ! As of March 1, the site will include an “internship grant”, with 30,000 offers distributed throughout the territory for its launch. Phew!

Of course, the state is expected to give more details on Friday. In particular with regard to the adaptations for students having “internships integrated into the curriculum”.

This includes remote internships and shifting dates. Or even experiences in a neighboring branch (hotel industry instead of catering, for example).

The site should also open a “simulator” in early April. It will then allow each young person “to know which device they can access”. This can be interesting!

To better understand, here is an example: young graduates looking for a job will be able to receive part of the scholarship they received the year before, for 4 months.

But above all, Jean Castex will visit the premises of the Association for the Employment of Executives (Apec) on Friday. As a reminder, Apec oversees the “1st job objective” workshops.

Funded as part of the recovery plan, the workshops guided 28,000 young graduates into employment. They are now aiming for the 50,000 mark in the summer. To be continued !

And you, what do you think of these new state measures to help students?


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