Student scholarship: students get married to get this!


In France, we know the levels of the Stock Exchange well. In Quebec, the students would have found a “trick” to touch this precious nest egg.

OMG! Getting married to get a scholarship? It seems then that Quebec students did not have any other solution to meet certain pharaminous expenses.

Sometimes weddings aren’t always what you think they are. If for many then it turns out to be the happiest day of their lives, for others it was in a hurry.

Thus, some students had to get married earlier than expected to get a scholarship. As we know, the stock market system in France is acquired under certain income conditions.

Despite the precariousness in which they live, some students have to do without this nest egg. They must then find other fallback solutions.

Just like this story, told by Slate, about the early marriage of two students. At 18, a young man had to start financing his studies on his own.

This Quebecker later joined his girlfriend. “He had a lot of expenses, rent, food, school fees, and his job wasn’t enough for him anymore,” she said.


Both were therefore struggling to make ends meet. However, none of them was eligible for financial aid for studies, the scholarship or the famous Crous québécois.

“We loved each other, but that wasn’t the reason we got married,” said the young student couple. Marriage was then a way to get this scholarship!

After that, a lot of things unlocked for this duo. The scholarship is only awarded to students according to these criteria:

Be a holder of a license, have a dependent child, have two years of salaried activity in studies alongside, and of course, be in a civil union.

The young woman borrowed a white dress from a friend, and the young student put on his best shirt. An unpretentious marriage, which finally allowed them to make ends meet.

With great ailments, great remedies … Especially since this couple does not seem to be an exception.

In 2016, Statistics Canada listed more than 12,500 Quebecers under the age of 24 who were married or divorced. Rather alarming figures.


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