Student: Scholarship for postponed internship!


A little student advice! For those who have had to postpone their compulsory internship because of covid-19, your scholarship can be extended!

At the moment, being a student is not easy! With covid-19, internships and jobs are scarce. So the government sets up a new aid. It extends the student grant for all postponed internships. A little extra!

Already, each student under 25 will receive 150 euros at the end of November. What to put a little butter in the spinach. Because since the start of the crisis, students have been calling for help, some of whom can no longer eat well.

But new help has just been put in place. If due to the coronavirus you have not been able to complete your compulsory internship, the scholarship will be extended. But only under one condition: that you do this internship in the fall of 2020. It’s a bit of a second chance.

For all those who found themselves without an internship during the 2019/2020 school year, the government is leaving a little more time. And to encourage this search for an internship, it therefore finances the scholarship for students who wish to do this internship at the end of the year.


Be careful though, this offer will not last indefinitely. No additional monthly payment will be paid beyond the month of December. This student’s internship will therefore have to take place between September and December to continue to extend his scholarship.

Obviously, the student must be a scholarship holder. Anyone who is not can not have this help. In addition, the start date of the internship must be after August 31, 2020. Conditions to be met but which may help more than one.


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