Student Buys iPhone SE And Receives Guava In Minas Gerais


There are several cases of people mistaken in online shopping. Some situations are comical: one woman received an apple drink and another a broken tile when they purchased an iPhone 12 Pro Max online.


As is to be expected, in Brazil such cases also happen. In Lima Duarte, Minas Gerais, a 21-year-old girl had a nasty surprise when she opened the Apple iPhone SE box that she had purchased for R$2,829. In place of the smartphone, the young woman received a guava paste.

According to a consumer’s account in Reclame Aqui, the purchase was made at Submarino on September 14 and delivery took place six days later. When contacting the Customer Service (SAC), the victim was instructed to wait two days, the period necessary for analyzing the incident.

At the same time, I called the company, which said that it would solve the problem in one business day. The other day (21) I called again and nothing. They asked for another day (22) and nothing. I filed a police report and sent photos. No solution received. Another day and nothing. Today I called twice and I already have seven protocols open. Today (23) I called twice and finally the news was that, as long as there is no closure of an investigation in the outsourced logistics system, I cannot have the purchase canceled and the value reversed.
The student did not receive a return from the store and, therefore, registered the police report for embezzlement, according to the Military Police. In the latest update of the report, made last Tuesday (28), the young woman suggests that the problem would have been solved, but does not go into details. Submarino informed that it arranged for the cancellation of the purchase on September 24th and concluded by asking “apologies for the inconvenience”.

Have you ever been through or know someone who has experienced a similar situation?


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