Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse, Free Game On Epic Games Store


Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse: Players will be able to add this game permanently to their library of titles on the Epic Games Store. It’s Thursday, rotation day at the Epic Games Store. After building our own computer in PC Building Simulator, it’s time to change the register and explore the cooperative gameplay of Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse. The game can be added permanently and free of charge to the platform’s library until October 21 at 17:00 (CEST). On the other hand, the next title has already been announced and it will be Among the Sleep Enhanced Edition.

We are in 1959, in the city of Punchbowl, Pennsylvania. Throughout these years he has become an ideal model of progress and the perfect life. Unfortunately for the living, a threat looms over them. And it is that the protagonist of this adventure is nothing more and nothing less than a zombie. “Show the living that law and order are no match for a dead man with a clear mission in his non-life. Maggie, your beloved is back, and Punchbowl is going to pass them zombies! ”Reads the official description.

This video game is developed by Aspyr, a studio well known for its adaptations of classic Star Wars titles, productions such as Episode I Racer, Republic Commando or Jedi Knight, all of them marketed in current systems. His next project, the most ambitious, is the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for PS5 and PC.

How to download it on PC

First of all, you need an account on the Epic Games Store.
If you do not have it, just register for free at this link
Fill in the different fields (name, surname, username, email address and password) and choose if you want to receive commercial information.
Accept the terms of service and follow the steps to activate your account.
Activate the two-step verification process.
Once you have access, enter the link above in this news and redeem the video game.
Download the client in the following link
You can now access your library and run the games!


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