StrongHands Finance: New Crypto Proposes Financial Freedom for All


StrongHands: It is not new that we talk about Bitcoin, Blockchain and other issues related to cryptocurrencies. Even people who are not fully immersed in the online environment have a brief notion of what a digital currency is. After all, the concept is not that difficult to understand and it even promises to revolutionize the way we handle our money.

However, there is still a lot of fear of investing in a cryptocurrency and depositing the precious money in this type of asset that is little explored by the Brazilian public. In this sense, several initiatives try to demystify the application in digital currencies.

One of them is StrongHands, a large community of financial activists, investors and enthusiasts who have the desire to provide financial freedom to all who want it through the new decentralized economy. This is a bold proposal and one that is based exactly on the concepts of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, which serve as pillars for this free-for-all economy.

What is StrongHands?

But what is this StrongHands thing? In addition to naming the community that came together for this audacious goal – financial freedom for all – StrongHands (or SHND) is also the name of the community’s first cryptocurrency, which has been consolidated for 5 years in the market, and soon the finance token (ISHND) will be released which will be integrated into the entire StrongHands financial ecosystem. This new asset is still in the pre-sale stage, and has sold more than 5 million tokens.

The community is growing rapidly, attracting new investors and participants who want to help develop this new digital currency. StrongHands is considered a good gateway to the beginning of the journey into cryptocurrencies for people who are not yet familiar with the subject.

The group usually shares news about the evolution of the digital currency with greater intensity on its official profile on Twitter and the Brazilian channel on Telegram. But there are other means, like Discord, for those who are interested and want to learn more about StrongHands crypto and this community.