Very strong! Wanda Nara is seen that in the middle of the street


Very fresh! This is how the Argentine journalist Wanda Nara has been shown in her last inn that marks the differences … and the odd outline of her slender curves.

Very obvious! If Icardi plays today in France, it is partly thanks to the collaboration of his wife and representative, Wanda Nara. And she did not want him to go to another team that was not a top team. She wanted her husband to play the Champions League yes or yes, and above all she will choose to win it. His departure at Inter was dramatic and he needed to leave Italy, so he gave his life a change of air.

But we are not here to talk about the footballer, if not the latest and spicy publications that have uploaded to their Wanda networks…. The truth is that it is amazing! The footballer and current partner of the journalist, Mauro Icardi, does not see with bad eyes that his wife uploads images like this, since it is part of his media aspect as an influencer. On this occasion, in one of his last inns he wore a set that left many parts of his beautiful body uncovered … and that we are in winter!

And as a gift, a look at the camera of the most suggestive. The reactions of his followers have not been expected and a wave of comments of all kinds has awakened. Major words, which certainly speak very well of the caliber that Wanda has. You cannot say that it is not deserved. It is a visual delight!

And it could well be walking through the illuminated streets of Madrid! Mauro Icardi had the option of going to Spain, Atlético wanted him, but Wanda did not see that movement clearly. And is that the player is always desired by women. And that drives Wanda crazy. It is not a matter of maintaining the property at all costs, it is a matter of not taking it from your hands … but would Icardi be able to put aside the spectacular Argentine model to leave with another? It would be a crazy thing …


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