“Strong feeling” Bronnie James will play college basketball: Fan reaction


Bronnie James will soon be playing his senior year of high school basketball. The real mystery begins soon after; will he go the college route or abroad?

According to the report, there is a “strong feeling” that Bronnie James will actually play college basketball.

There are reportedly five major college programs pursuing talented prospects: Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, UCLA, and USC.

“Some major programs are interested in Bronnie James,” the NBA wrote on ESPN.

“Schools recruiting Bronnie James: University of California at Los Angeles, Ohio State, Ohio State, University of Southern California at Oregon and others…,” Legion Hoops wrote.

“According to reports, Bronnie James will reportedly play college basketball rather than join G League Ignite or other development leagues before entering the NBA draft,” Sports Illustrated reports.

“According to @PaulBiancardi, the four-star Bronnie James of 2023 is being recruited to these schools. Bronnie also boasts a zero score of $6.4 million from On3, which is the highest among anyone who plays sports in high school or college,” Joe Tipton wrote.

“There is a ‘strong feeling’ that Bronnie James will go down the college path, according to @PaulBiancardi, which school should he choose?” — asked “Sports News”.

Bronnie James would have been a college basketball star if he had gone down this path. It looks like he’s moving in that direction.

Which school should he play basketball at in 2023?


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