Strong criticism of some show decisions that fans support


Within the group of fans of The 100 the decisions of the story and the deaths of the characters, has led to many disagreements. Naturally, that has led some fans to have unpopular opinions, like these versions.

Has Jaha been the best leader on the show?

With leaders like Lexa and Clarke around, it’s not often that fans of The 100 hear about the great leader Thelonious Jaha was, but some fans believe she must have gotten recognition for being the best leader in the series.

While Jaha made some questionable decisions to survive, she managed to keep the human race alive in The 100’s Ark, returning it to Earth, even if it meant sacrificing herself in the process.

Should the show have had fewer romantic moments?

The 100 is a shippers paradise or worst nightmare, depending on the season, because there are quite a few romantic couples that unfold throughout the series. While most fans agree with such relationships, some do not.

Another group of fans wish the show The 100 had stuck to sci-fi action and plot lines. Sure, Clarke and Lexa or Emori and Murphy might have had their moments, but those subplots didn’t have to run full episodes.

Should the program have maintained the enmities?

When watching a TV show or movie, there is some satisfaction in seeing that the characters put aside their differences. However, as one fan suggests perhaps not all relationships on The 100 needed to be repaired.


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