Strixhaven: new Magic collection enters pre-launch!


Strixhaven: Wizards of the Coast previously made the Strixhaven collection available for Magic Online and Arena on Friday (16), starting the pre-launch period. Thus, players can already have their first experiences with the awaited cards from the School of Magicians while they wait for the official arrival of the physical version, scheduled to be sold in stores from April 23.

In Strixhaven: Escola da Magos, Magic: The Gathering will present the fundamentals of the faculties Sapioforte (white and red), Prismari (red and blue), Quandrix (blue and green), Platinum (black and white) and Murchaflor (black and green) ), each guided by its own play styles, colors and types of creatures. In this way, while the players understand the unique dynamics of matches, they get to know the lore of the groups, understanding the connection that the collection has with the others.

New mechanics

Among the main novelties of the new Magic collection, is the presence of new mechanics:


Cards with the Learn skill give players three options: discard a card to draw another, reveal a card that is out of the game and put it in your hand or do nothing.


This very useful ability allows you to copy or cast an instant spell or spell. In addition, each has a different bonus, such as + 1 / + 0 counters or the possibility to draw a card.


When a safeguarded creature is the target of an opponent’s spell or ability, it can nullify it, unless the other player pays the cost that is predicted on the card, which may be in mana, hit points, or any other common in the game.

Double modal faces

A feature already known in MTG, and that can be used in a match with either side. Strixhaven, brings modals with the deans of each faculty, demonstrating the duality of the five institutions.

According to WotC, standard Strixhaven boosters will always feature a spell card from the Bibliopex Mystical Archive, while collector cards may come with a metalized card, a card with Japanese alternative art or an engraved metalized card. Commander decks will be available in five versions, one for each college and with 81 cards included.

To find out more about the collection and check out all the main cards that will be released, just go to the Wizards of the Coast page.


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