Striking claim for Huawei license granted to Qualcomm


Qualcomm recently received permission to work with Huawei. However, a new report reveals that Qualcomm received this permission under an important condition.

It is known that the US considers Huawei’s role in 5G infrastructures as a threat. Therefore, it was stated to Qualcomm that the permission to work with Huawei is subject to the condition of not selling technologies related to 5G infrastructure. However, the US Department of Commerce’s 5G restriction is said to include 5G compatible smartphones.

According to the news on the Seeking Alpha site; Qualcomm has licensed Huawei to sell 4G compatible processors only. This means that Huawei cannot include Qualcomm’s processors in 5G phones. It is also among the points mentioned in the news that the permission in question is not likely to be given in the short term.

Huawei is currently one of the leading manufacturers in the 5G phone market. Buying a 5G compatible processor from Qualcomm seems to be a factor that can severely damage this situation of the company. It is also alleged that Huawei could not negotiate on this issue due to the limited options.

Another claim regarding Huawei and Qualcomm collaboration was related to Honor. It has been suggested that Huawei’s divestment of Honor is one of the conditions for working with Qualcomm. It is said that the negotiations for the sale of Honor are coming to an end. It is currently unknown whether the Qualcomm condition is effective in Huawei’s sales decision.


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