Striking claim about Huawei and Honor


An interesting claim about the fate of the Huawei and Honor brand came to the fore last week. An analyst claimed that Huawei was considering selling the Honor brand. However, the news was removed after Huawei employees posted denials on Weibo.

However, a new report from Reuters shows that this possibility is still on the table. According to the allegations; Huawei is negotiating with Digital China to dispose of parts of Honor’s smartphone unit. The parties are said to be talking about a sale price of between 15 and 25 billion yuan.

According to the news, TCL and Xiaomi are among the companies interested in Honor. It can be said that it is remarkable that the name of Xiaomi, one of the most important competitors of Huawei in the global smartphone market, is mentioned among potential buyers.

Huawei had launched the Honor brand in 2013. Honor, which was originally a phone series under the umbrella of Huawei, later turned into a separate brand and added products such as watches, headsets and laptops to its portfolio in addition to the phone.


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