StrikeX Is The First ‘Space-Launched Cryptocurrency


StrikeX: The StrikeCoin cryptocurrency was launched in mid-April 2021, but October marks the re-launch of the coin with a new name and a trip into space. StrikeX ($STRX) was sent in an air balloon and reached the stratosphere in no time.

According to information from the company responsible for the project, StrikeX was sent to space as a symbol that anything is possible. The video was posted on YouTube this past Wednesday (13), showing the assembly of the equipment until the moment when a physical brand logo hits the stratosphere — all with narration in the style of the best action movies.

First in space, but not so much

The project comments that the cryptocurrency is the first to be sent into space, but we cannot forget that the first Bitcoin transaction carried out in space territory took place a few months ago. Perhaps, StrikeX is the first currency that took a “physical token” into space, as can be seen in the video below.

The new cryptocurrency is part of the TradeStrike project, which is working to launch a platform for investments in cryptocurrencies, NFT, real estate, funds and more, all in one place — the launch is scheduled for late 2022. StrikeCoin was the first coin launched by the London-based company and, in a few months, achieved growth of more than 200%.

Later this month, a decentralized exchange of the project will be launched and, by the beginning of next year, they also plan to launch a TrustWallet and MetaMask-style portfolio.

With the growth, the creators partnered with Certik to offer more security to investors. Therefore, StrikeX is being relaunched this Friday (15) with Certik Shield, a service that secures the currency against theft, scams and other criminal transactions.


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