Stretch: New robot from Boston Dynamics


Boston Dynamics unveiled its new robot named Stretch. Stretch can do more “boring” jobs compared to the robots that Boston Dynamics has introduced so far. While Spot and Atlas made headlines with their back-flips and dance skills; Moving large boxes in warehouses stands out as the primary goal of Stretch.

Stretch, which has a more practical design compared to Spot or Atlas, nonetheless shows that it is a robot from Boston Dynamics. A square-shaped wheel base, a “perception post” with cameras and sensors, a multi-joint robot arm with seven degrees of freedom of movement, and a gripper hand that can lift 22.5 kilogram boxes are among the features of the Stretch.

It can be said that Stretch is “innovative” compared to a robot designed for commercial use. It was stated that Stretch, which can move autonomously compared to the robots in the warehouses, can be used for loading, unloading and transportation in the warehouses. Boston Dynamics emphasizes that the warehouse or truck loading-unloading process can be completed much faster, thanks to its new robot.

There is no automation application in the vast majority of warehouses. Therefore, Boston Dynamics can reach a wide audience with Stretch. Although the company previously developed a warehouse robot prototype called Handle, it was stated that the model in question was suspended due to not working fast enough.


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