Streets of Rage 4 will receive new content in the future


The return of the classic will continue to offer new adventures, although the developers have not decided exactly what they will do.

The resurrection of a classic saga doesn’t always go as fans expect. It’s almost like playing with fire, if you trust yourself too much, you can end up burning yourself. This is not what happened with Streets of Rage 4, a title in which the press and players have agreed that it is a production with the taste of yesteryear. Be that as it may, it does not seem that it is the last we see of this me against the neighborhood, since DotEmu has confirmed that it plans new content for this fourth installment of the saga. What is it about? At the moment, it has not even been decided, but the idea is to add new features.

They have explained it in a question and answer session for fans, where one of the followers asked if the game will receive DLCs in the future. “We haven’t decided anything yet,” admits Cyrille Imbert, DotEmu’s executive producer and CEO. “But we have a lot of ideas and we listen to you too, so there will definitely be more content. We just need a little more time to decide what and when. Stay tuned ”, anticipates. Cyrille Lagarigue, programmer at Guard Crush Games (the studio that worked with Lizardcube on development), added the following. “We are thinking about adding playable characters, but we haven’t made the decision yet.” He has also pointed to the possibility of adding “color options”.

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The obligatory question: Streets of Rage 5

And what about a possible Streets of Rage 5? After the success of the fourth installment, some assume that DotEmu will want to continue working on the saga. From the company they have not wanted to release a pledge: “We have not talked about it yet, but we will focus first on Streets of Rage 4 and we will continue adding content. Still, Dotemu is currently working on three similar unannounced projects. ”

Streets of Rage 4 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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