Streets of Rage 4 Gets DLC ‘Mr. X Nightmare’ This Month


Streets of Rage 4: After a few teasers regarding what we’ll have in the Mr. X Nightmare pack, we finally have a date to finally head out for a new round of action in Streets of Rage 4: July 15th.

According to the information disclosed, one of the new features brought by the extra paid content is the inclusion of Survival mode, in which players are invited to defeat hordes of enemies in two different variations: Random, with turns generated in a completely random way, and Weekly , in which the challenges are rotated every week.

In addition, the release of this pack also adds three new characters to the fighter selection screen: Estel Aguirre, Max Thunder and Shiva (it’s worth noting that they all appeared as opponents throughout the story mode).

Finally, we also have the opportunity to see a new trailer focused on Survival Mode and some new features in the pack, which you can check out in this news.

Streets of Rage 4 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.


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